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5108 Wet Look Acrylic Enamel Hardener is a catalyst, which is a mixture of polyisocyanates, solvents and additives. Catalysts differ in the type of isocyanate used, the percent solids of isocyanates, and the solvent blends. The type of and amount of isocyanate will control the rate of cure, durability, gloss level, UV resistance, hardness, chemical resistance, etc. The solvent blend will determine the flow out and dry times.

Catalysts are formulated for specific types of resins, functionality of the resins, percent solids, etc. This is why there are many different types of catalysts. Therefore, it is important that catalysts are used as recommended by the paint manufacturer. Enamel catalysts are commonly referred to as “HARDENERS” and urethane catalysts are known as “ACTIVATORS”.

5 STAR XTREME Autobody Products Enamel Hardeners are offsets to the major paint companies and are designed for use in all synthetic and acrylic enamel topcoats. Some of the urethane activators are direct offsets and thus can be used in the appropriate paint systems.


Part Number Size UPC Code Case Amount
5108-8 Pint 872149510838 12
5108S-8 Pint 872149004245 12
5108S-16 Half-Pint 872149004252 12


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Technical Data Sheet